Web Series (5 Episodes), Coming of Age (2019)

It’s the last day of summer in Vienna, Austria. We follow a group of teenagers living, struggling and surviving through the golden age of the internet.

The 5 episodes of this web series (total runtime: 60 minutes) are a love letter to the internet generation. The characters and situations were heavily inspired by real profiles of young people on social media. Watching the episodes is supposed to feel like scrolling really fast through an Instagram feed. Watching this web series feels like the rush from going from one audiovisual idea to the next.

JUNGLE has no particular genre or plot, but rather travels through the genres of surrealism, gangster film, drama, music video and found-footage thriller – all painted on a coming of age/teen film canvas.

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor: Alex Lazarov
Cinematographer: Stefan Krenn
Production Design, Costumes and Make-Up: Lucy Li, Catherine Hu
Casting- & Production Manager & Assistant Director: Daniel De Jong
Sound Editor & Mix: Roman Lichtenegger
Sound Recording: Roman Lichtenegger, Jakob Lippert
Assistant Cinematographer: Simon Ulrich
Score: Istvan J. Balazs, Jakob Lippert
Soundtrack: JAYLIEN

Alduin Gazquez, Paul Basonga, Gabriel Holzer, Patricia Avram, Emil De Cilia, Isabella Campestrini, Toni Steger, Elena Platon, Florian Mayer, David Dopeheide, Karoline Sachslehner, Lea Stern, Evelyn Preiss, Akeem Julien, Adrian Anton Kaminitschek, Manfred Fuchs, Boris Lazarov

This project was supported by Cash for Culture.