Short Film, Coming of Age, Experimental (2020)

Welcome to a cinematic place of peace and calm. This short film is an 8 minute meditation on the times when summer lasted an eternity and tomorrow seemed only like a distant dream. Semi-documentarian footage is combined with animations based on real data recorded of the filmmakers‘ brain activity while being asleep. Almost without any spoken words and through careful creation of sound design and visual composition, this experimental short film serves as a counter piece to all the digital noise on the internet.

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor & Sound Designer: Alex Lazarov
Cinematographer: Stefan Krenn
Gaffer: Leo Mühlfeld
Set Decorator: Lucy Li
Assistant Cinematographer: Simon Ulrich
Colourist: Marin Lazarov
Soundtrack: BIBIZA, Skyfarmer, Carine, Alex Lazarov
Animations by „Molekül“ collective: Claudio Reiter, Felix Strobl, Jeremy Kescher
Production Assistants: Flora Hack, Philipp Zanaschka, Christian Lazarov, Marin Lazarov, Kalina Lazarov

Starring (in order of appearance)
Anja Ruthe, Gershom Zeller, Safwan Zullash, Akib Khan, Tauab Hossain, Paul Mairböck, Patricia Avram, Kenny-David Rakaseder, Julija Pitzek, Mike Ostrowski, Ferdinand Paul, Paul Formann, Samuel Steinbach, Sarah Fröwlis, Nastasia Konezny