Theater-Video Adaption

„Weiter Leben“ (2021)

A video adaption of the stage play „Weiter Leben nach Ruth Klüger“ as a collaboration between makemake, Theaterverein Odeon & Theater Nestroyhof/Hamakom. Originally created as an interactive stage play, it got cancelled in the beginning of 2021 due to Covid. I co-directed a video version of the script together with the theatre staff that could be presented during lockdown. My team produced 4 scenes that were screened in historical locations throughout Vienna Leopoldstadt for limited groups of audiences in early 2021.

Concept: makemake produktionen, Kathrin Herm, Max Kaufmann, Eva Grün, Mirjam Mercedes Salzer
Theatre Directors: Sara Ostertag, Kathrin Herm
Video Director, Producer & Editor: Alex Lazarov
Cinematographers: Clemens Hillinger, Alex Lazarov
Sound recording: Johannes Kollman
Colour Grading: Marin Lazarov
Cast: Alireza Daryanavard, Martin Hemmer, Anne Wiederhold, Emma Wiederhold