This is my biggest project so far. A web series called „JUNGLE“ written, directed, edited and produced by me and created with a team of young creatives in Vienna, Austria.
The story is set on the last day of summer and told through the perspective of a teenager growing up in the internet age.
With this project me and my team wanted to try out new ideas without the urge to be perfect, but with the goal to create a unique experience that’s hopefully unlike anything you have ever seen before.
It’s a portrait of the city I grew up in and a love letter to the internet generation. JUNGLE came from a place where I wanted to capture a moment in my life because in my senior year of high school I came to the realisation that one day I’ll probably never have the same perspective that I have right now.
The influences for this project range from Kanye West to John Hughes and from Kubrick’s „Eyes Wide Shut“ to Tarantino’s „Pulp Fiction“ but mostly this project was inspired by kids of the internet.

You can stream all 5 episodes plus bonus material down below.

I hope you enjoy what my friends and I have created for you.

- Alex

PRIX ARS Electronica

Winner of the Golden Nica
in the „u19 - create your world“ category

Austrian Filmfestival

Part of the official selection 2019
in the „Online Films“ category


AUTUMN OF 2017 - First glimpses of ideas are being written down in my notebook.

APRIL 22, 2018 - The first draft of the screenplay is finished!

MAY 2018 - Assembling the crew and starting to scout locations.

JUNE 20-30, 2018 - Auditions

AUGUST 20-27, 2018 - Principal Photography

SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 - Extra shooting day

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 - First Cut is finished

SEPTEMBER 2018-MARCH 2019 - Post Production (scoring of the original soundtrack, sound editing, colour grading, shooting missing footage, colour grading, re-editing, designing posters).

MARCH 9, 2019 - Final Export gets exported in Final Cut Pro X.

APRIL 6, 2019 - Private Screening for friends, family and supporters at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna, Austria.

APRIL 12, 2019 - Release on YouTube